Tuesday, November 10, 2009


November 8,2009 530pm SLT...(Nov.9,2009 830am my time)

I rushed at SERENDIPITA EVENTI the Launching venue to check what else Daiseze( the owner of the venue) need for the event. Good thing her fiance Steven who will also DJ and Host the event was there so we were able to run through the program very briefly.

I was so nervous even though I have organized the event 3 weeks before...the venue, the guest, the DJ and host and of course the magazine...like in real life no matter how prepared you are something will go wrong so im expecting the event not to be perfect..

My first worry...what if nobody attends the Launching?
5pm...I received an IM from Xenobia Foxclaw that she cant tp to the place together with her friend Roland Zepp..so I went to the place and TPed them...they were my first guests.

Then came Pascal Schnyder-DMA Photographer, Kitsuki Chayoo one of my best writers,Alexandra Maskelyn my fellow JCNY and Sunrise Dream Model, My cousin Floyd Mistwalker and his wife Lynda Lysette came next, Witchwysper Sadofsky, QueenBrat Bracken also came fresh from our JCNY Model'fest Show sponsored by Divine Couture, Aubrey Monday and Partner Liam, Devi Longfall, Jenni Eros, SusieQ Baxton and lol another SusieQ ( sorry I forgot the surname), my oldest SL friend Chokes Streamer, Mikalah Yootz- DMG Model, Dani Plassitz of D-Design oh who else...please forgive me if i forgot somebody...OHHH! of course my fiance Tex Gurbux, E-Style Managing Editor was there. I know i had 40 guests coz 40 seats were all occupied. I was so happy that E-Style made quite an attendance.

I also would like to thank Kevin M. Thomas and his management team, SLC and Vahn for Singing for us.

When Steve introduced me...my nobody heard me when I talk...so Steve read my lines...(I know something will go wrong)..but nonetheless the Launch was a success that I forgot to take a picture...good thing Kitsuki gave me this candid shot.. Thank you everyone for your support...without you there would be no E-Style.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Launching of our First Issue

After joining lots of contest and styling themes..I realized my heart craves for something more. So after I made it to the JCNY Runway which for me completes my modeling career I decided to pursue other ventures. I put up my own clothing line-DMG Creations yet I still feel I need to do more, I work well under pressure so I decided to put up this Magazine. E-Style will launch its first issue on November 8,2009 that is a Sunday 530pm at Serendipita Eventi. Our guest is KevinMThomas. Yes the famous Kevin Thomas in RL. We have also decided to choose our next cover model on that same night. E-Style will give you an enchanting night. I hope to see you around. This is something you dont wanna miss out.