Sunday, February 20, 2011


Do you want your outfits be on the magazine cover? Look at the history of our sponsors:

November 2009-Publisher's Choice
December 2009-October 2010- One year Exclusive Contract with TRES BEAU
November 2010-and Anniversary Edition- REDGRAVE
December 2010 and January 2011- STYLES BY DANIELLE
February 2011- GLORY's SENSUAL

WE ARE LOOKING FOR SPONSORS that would be interested in being on the cover. I can simply use my own clothing line but I love variation so Im giving the chance to my fellow designers to get the spotlight.

1. Send me a notecard with a texture of the clothes you want to be in the cover there should be at least 10 choices.One(1) will be chosen to be on the cover and 4 will be on the inside story so that's a total of five(5). It is the publisher's prerogative to choose which clothes will be on the magazine.
2. There is a monthly payment fee of 1500 lindens. Our advertising costs 2500 on a two page spread in the premium pages(1st 10 pages)but since your clothing will be used as a prize for the model who will win the monthly contest I'm giving you this special discount in exchange for the 5 outfits that you will send us in transferable permission.
3. What you will get from this?
- you get to advertise your clothing by being on the cover
- you have an automatic 4 page spread on the inside( which would usually cost 5000 lindens)
- one free single page AD spread anywhere on the inside of the magazine which costs 750 lindens.
- thats a total of L$5750 for only a prize of L$1500
4. If you want exclusive sponsorship for 3 months or 6 months we can talk about further discounts.
5. you can check our covers at:
6. you can email me at or send me a notecard inworld :)
7. once we agreed with terms you will receive a FREE MAGAZINE KIOSK that you can put in your store so customers can have a free copy of the magazine.

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